Paul R Davies | Morocco
Created 6-Aug-13
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2008124685 entering tangier port2008124699 tangier port2008124701 tangier seafront2008124702 cannon tangier2008124703 climb to kasbah2008124706 place du 9 avril 19472008124709 mosque tangier2008124712 tangier architecture2008124714 tangier street2008124715 workmen tangier2008124721 overlooking tangier port2008124725 tangier alley2008124728 moroccan costume2008124730 mosque doorway2008124735 tangier medina twilight2008124737 tangier skyline twilight2008124738 tangier street car2008124740 tangier women alley2008124747 fruit stall tangier2008124750 place du 9 avril night

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