Paul R Davies | Idaho
Created 1-Aug-13
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2008071058 idaho gold field2008071062 corn field closeup ID2008071065 hotel cambridge ID2008071066 Idaho St Boise2008071067 boise state building2008071071 downtown boise2008071072 dam near boise2008071073 boise river middle fork2008071076 idaho city restaurant2008071080 shack idaho city2008071081 idaho city junk house2008081086 boise national forest2008081090 lowman ID2008081093 payette river ID2008081097 payette valley ID2008081105 regan mcgowan peaks ID2008081121 waterfalls sawtooth2008081147 alpine lake ID2008081150 Alpine lake sawtooth2008081157 sawtooth lake

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