Paul R Davies | Norway
Created 31-Jul-13
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2013056042 Above Skien and Porgrunn2013056045 Southern Norway2013056060 Oslo Skyline2013056074 Oslo Opera House2013056075 Oslo Skyline2013056076 Oslofjorden2013056106 Statue Vigeland Park2013056112 Vigaland Park Oslo2013056118 Vigaland Park Oslo2013056125 Vigaland Park Oslo2013056129 Vigaland Park Oslo2013056132 Vigeland Park Oslo2013056135 Steinsfjorden2013056141 Steinsfjorden Honefoss2013056148 Sokna Valley2013056156 Road Sokna Valley2013056178 Enderud Kroderen Lake2013056195 Kroderen Lake twilight2013056201 Enderud Kroderen Lake2013056205 Kroderen Lake twilight

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