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2006083570 Lake Baikal2006083636 Shopping Area of Irkutsk2006083645 Cathedral of Epiphany Irkutsk2006083647 Onion Dome Tower in Irkutsk2006083653 Couples by Angara River, Irkutsk2006083676 Dochas in Central Siberia2006083710 Sunset at Novosibirsk Railway Station2006083711 Novosibirsk Railway Station2006083722 Omsk Station on Trans-Siberian Railway2006083772 Kremlin in Suzdal2006083777 Cathedral and Wooden Church Suzdal2006083793 Suzdal and Mzhara River2006083821 Russian Lada Police Car Suzdal2006083894 Sundown in Red Square2006083896 St Basil's at Sundown2006083900 Sundown on Red Square Moscow2006083940 Church of the Annunciation, Moscow2006083955 Entrance to Red Square Moscow2006083965 Guards Eternal Flame Moscow2006083972 Kremlin and the Moscow River

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