Paul R Davies | Peru
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2002048025 Altiplano near Puno 20022002048026 Islas del Uros, Lake Titicaca2002048027 Islas del Uros Floating Islands 20022002048040 Islas del Uros Floating Islands 20022002048049 Inca Kola, Puno2002048054 People in Costume, Puno 20022002048055 Women Dancing in Costume, Puno 20022002048059 Quechuan People on the Altiplano2002048060 Mother and Daughter with Llama 20022002048063 Urubamba River and Mountains 20022002048068 Children in Costume, Pisac2002048069 Alleyway in Pisac 20022002048078 Terraced Hillside, Pisac 20022002048082 Ruins of Pisac 20022002048086 Ruins at Pisac 2 20022002048093 Train Arriving at Aguas Calientes 20022002048094 Machu Picchu 20072002048096 Machu Picchu 20022002049012 Al Paca at Machu Picchu 20022002049033 Cusco Cathedral 2002

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