Paul R Davies | Northeast USA
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1992001009 Yankee Stadium, Bronx 19921992001024 College Football at Montclair 19921992001027 Manhattan Skyline from Montclair 19921992001028 Midtown Manhattan seen from Montclair 19921992001029 Lower Manhattan and Twin Towers from Montclair 19921992001037 The Blimp over Brooklyn 19921992001042 Manhattan Skyline Silhouette at Sunset 19921992001043 Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan 19921992001044 brooklyn 360dpi 19921992001046 Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan at Night 19921992001051 Montclair State College 19921992001053 Autumn Colours in Vermont 19921992001070 41st Street, Manhattan 19921992001083 View Northeast from Empire State Building 19921992001085 View Northwest from Empire State Building 19921992001092 manhattan 360dpi 19921992002004 World Trade Center, Manhattan 1992001-011992002006 View Uptown Manhattan from World Trade Center 19921992002008 East River Viewed From World Trade Center 19921992002010 Empire State Building and 5th Avenue 1992

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