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2006072879 Shopping Street in Shanghai2006072886 Shanghai Architecture at Night2006072890 Shanghai by Night2006072902 Bund at Night, Shanghai2006072912 Shanghai Suburbs at Night2006072931 Redevelopment in Shanghai2006072933 Redevelopment in Shanghai2006072938 Inside the Jinmao Tower Shanghai2006072940 Shanghai from Jinmao Tower2006072944 Shanghai Shopping Area2006072949 Yuyuan Bazaar area of Shanghai2006072953 Oriental Pearl and Jinmao Tower Shanghai2006072964 Shanghai Old Town2006072975 Men Playing Checkers, Shanghai2006072977 Road in Shanghai Old Town2006072978 Backstreets of Shanghai2006072985 Oriental Pearl Shanghai2006072986 Shanghai Skyline2006072997 Shanghai twilight from Jinmao Tower2006072999 Jinmao Tower at Night, Shanghai

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