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2004065011 Street Scene in Siem Reap2004065012 A House in Siem Reap2004065021 The Towers of the Bayon, Angkor 20042004065038 The Bayon at Angkor2004065039 The Bayon, Angkor 20042004065047 Entrance to Angkor Thom2004065054 Monks approaching Angkor Wat 20042004065057 Gallery of a Thousand Buddhas, Angkor Wat2004065062 View from top of Angkor Wat2004065067 A Tower at Angkor Wat2004065069 A Main Tower of Angkor Wat 20042004065082 Tree Growing from Temple Roof, Angkor2004065088 Tree Roots at Ta Prohm2004065094 Buddhist Monk at Angkor 20042004065095 Angkor Wat 1 20042004065096 Angkor Wat 2 20042004065098 Angkor Wat 3 20042004066001 Entrance to Bantaey Kdei, Angkor2004066006 Wall Carving at Bantaey Kdei2004066008 The Eastern Baray at Angkor

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