Paul R Davies | Argentina
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2002051057 Northern Face of Moreno Glacier 20022002051062 Northern Face of Moreno Glacier 20022002051072 Southern Face of Moreno Glacier 20022002051074 South Face of Moreno Glacier 20022002051086 Mount Fitzroy and El Chalten 20022002051088 Mount Fitzroy 20022002052003 A River Valley near El Chalten 20022002052025 Ushuaia and Surrounding Mountains 20022002052033 Sea Lions on a Rock, Tierra del Fuego 20022002052042 Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego 20022002052049 Estancia Harburton, Tierra del Fuego 20022002052058 Ushuaia at Twilight 20022002052076 Iguazu Falls and Parana River 20022002052085 Iguazu Falls and Rainforests 20022002052088 Iguazu Falls Close-up 20022002052089 Cascading Waterfalls of Iguazu 20022002052095 Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires 20022002052098 Church in Recoleta, Buenos Aires 20022002052100 Avenida Julio de Nueve, Buenos Aires 2002

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