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2010073838 Welcome to Tijuana2010073842 Bridge into Tijuana2010073843 Rio Tijuana2010073846 Approaching Tijuana2010073848 Mexican Flag and Barrios2010073850 Basket Stall TJ2010073851 Souvenir Stalls TJ2010073855 Street in Tijuana2010073858 Pharmacy in Tijuana2010073860 Avenida Revolucion TJ2010073862 Mexican Police Truck2010073864 Street stall in TJ2010073865 Avenida Revolucion Arch2010073873 Men chatting in TJ2010073878 Wrestling Masks in TJ2010073882 Grafitti in Tijuana2010073883 Alleyway in Tijuana2010073884 Approaching USA in Tijuana2010073885 Leaving Tijuana2010073887 Rio Tijuana

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