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1996015097 venice beach LA 19961996015100 Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, LA1996016004 streetcar alcatraz 19961996016005 alcatraz 200mm 19961996016007 chinatown SF 19961996016008 steep streets SF 19961996016008 transam SF 19961996016010 San Fran skyline 19961996016013 golden gate from coit 19961999037053 Oakland v Boston baseball 11999037055 Baseball at Oakland Colluseum1999037063 Baseball at Oakland Colluseum31999037079 Tran-Am Pyramid, San Francisco 19991999038002 san fran twin peaks19991999038008 el cap face am 19991999038018 Sentinal and El Capitan1999038019 Sentinal and El Capitan1999038026 Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite 19991999038027 Half Dome (Close-up) Yosemite 19991999038033 Half Dome Storm

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