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1996017013 la paz illimani 19961996017017  huayna potosi 19962002047018 Woman on the Streets of La Paz 20022002047026 Cementario Area of La Paz 20022002047044 An Alleyway in Sorata 20022002047056 Village and Surrounding Hills, Sorata 20022002047062 Rainbow in the Hills, Sorata 20022002047064 Women Walking down to Sorata 20022002047079 Overlooking Copacabana Town 20022002047084 Women in Copacabana 20022002047087 Entrance to Copacabana Church 20022002047089 Colourful Street Scene in Copacabana 20022002047094 Lake Titicaca at Twilight 20022002047099 Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca 20022002048013 Lake Titicaca sunrays2002047026c la paz girl2002047026b rio beni hills2002047026d bolivian old woman 19962002047026e grey woman la paz2002047026f la paz markets

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