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2008067849 River Rhine at Mainz2008067857 Hunting Lodge at Kranichstein2008067871 Shopping Plaza at Kranichstein, Darmstadt2008067877 View from rear balcony, Kranichstein2008067898 The lake at Kranichstein2008067904 A village in the Odenwald2008067905 A house in the Odenwald2008067916 Boulders in the Odenwald2008067935 The forested Odenwald2008067945 A church in the Odenwald2008067948 Alsbacher Burg, Odenwald2008067964 Fields of Asparagas, Hessen2008067970 Kuralpe Kreuzhof, Hessen2008067980 Wind turbines in the Odenwald2008067988 Sunset over Darmstadt2008067998 Catholic church in Dieburg2008067999 Catholic Church Interior, Dieburg2008068005 Epperhausen Church, Hessen2008068009 Landscaped Garden near Kranichstein2008068016 A peacock showing off feathers

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