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2005071172  Wawel Castle at night2005071173 St Andrews Church Krakow2005071175 St Mary's Church Krakow2005071178 Tram in Krakow2005071183 Florienska Gate, Krakow2005071184 Florienska Krakow2005071193 Wawel Cathedral Krakow2005071196 Cathedral at Wawel Krakow2005071197 Courtyard at Wawel, Krakow2005081036 Krakow Main Square2005081038 St Marys Church Main Square Krakow2005081054 Krakow Main Square at Twilight2005081062 Entrance to Autschwitz2005081070 Inside Autschwitz2005081092 Berkanau Concentration Camp2005081110 Birkenau Concentration Camp2005081130 Chapel of the Blessed Kinga Wieliczka2005081155 Traditional Polish Dancing Krakow2005081158 Street Musicians in Krakow2005081161 Street Artist in Krakow

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